The residential base of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) continues to grow. marbleLIVE provides an ongoing benefit to the region by providing a much needed, family oriented recreation space and tourism attraction. marbleLIVE is a kick start to site revitalization and will animate a public space beyond its current usage.

Facts and Stats:

  • The GTA has a market of 6 million consumers within a 50 kilometre drive, which makes it one of the largest population centres in North America.
  • In 2011, the GTA was visited by 9.8 million people spending in excess of $4.6 billion in the local economy.
  • The tourism economy generated $1.03 billion in federal, provincial and municipal taxes.
  • More than half of all tourist visits were earmarked for gathering with family and friends, spending an average of 2.5 days in the region visiting family (54 per cent) or participating in a pleasure-based excursion (27 per cent).

*Sources available upon request.

Community Benefits:

marbleLIVE will call upon the community for input through the creation of a Kids and Youth Advisory Board to act as our ambassadors.

  • Job creation, especially first jobs for youth from construction to operating phase. For example, when operational, marbleLIVE will employ 230 full time personnel.
  • Support technology-based educational institutions through partnerships.
  • Provides safety, swimming and water sport programs that promote healthy living.
  • Drives and induces economic activity in the surrounding region.
  • Gets kids involved right from the start through the creation of our Kids and Youth Advisory Board.

Economic Benefits:

  • Precinct revitalization.
  • Strong economic return from employment through to consumers.
  • Packaging opportunities with lodging providers.