Entertainment through Recreation

marbleLIVE will be a premiere tourist destination, entertainment and recreational hub with a unique emphasis on a healthy active lifestyle.

New Technologies

This environment is being purposefully designed and built with innovative digital integration at its core.

marbleLIVE will provide an entertainment offering unlike any other amazement park by integrating exciting new technologies and connecting the online and offline worlds.

Academic partners are developing this with marbleLIVE and together will continue to incubate new ways to connect with audiences.

Environmentally Conscious

Working with close input from the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, marbleLIVE will be making environmental sustainability a priority. This commitment is from construction through to operation.

Water Skills and Safety

marbleLIVE cares about safety and accessibility.

We believe all members of the public have a right to have fun in a safe and healthy environment.

This project will offer a quality experience for all by offering programs in swimming and water safety. We will also work with local agencies to ensure affordable access for those in need.